Share The Gospel: Go Fishing For People In Every Language

Can you speak in tongues?

I don’t mean can you speak in in heavenly languages that need an interpreter in church. I mean can you speak in other languages. You have a wonderful gift if you can.

I can share the gospel in over 5000 languages. No I’m not making that up and that is not a typo. I did mean 5000.

Ok now that I’ve go your attention I tell you the secret. I use my mobile phone and No I’m not talking about Google translations but I will concede that the words don’t come out of my mouth.

Imagine waiting at the doctor’s and you strike up a conversation with someone. They are very friendly but they doesn’t speak enough English for an in depth conversation.

Maybe your overseas and have a stumbling interaction with a local. You would love to be able to communicate something significant with them, but can’t.

What can you do?

You can use 5fish to share the gospel

Take out your phone and go to There you will find Global Recordings Network’s (GRN) recordings in over 5,000 different languages and dialects ready for you to download and play for that person right now.

You can:

  • listen together on your phone
  • have them download the recording onto their own phone
  • you can send it directly from your phone to theirs, so they can listen at their leisure.
Share the Gospel: Image of Muslim ladies listening to the moblie phone

The Gospel in their own language

Once the recording is on a phone you don’t need internet access. So if you are going where a particular language is spoken, you can download recordings in that language onto your phone. What’s more, once it’s on their phone they can share the gospel with whoever they want

GRN has developed 5fish so that people can have easy access to the Good News about Jesus in their own language.

You will even find English materials there for people who don’t read.

But it’s even better than that people love to hear their own language in their own accent particularly if they don’t speak one of the common trade languages like English, French, German etc. So sometimes they will just love you for letting then hear their own language no matter what it says.

I’ve actually have a bit of experience with this myself when I have traveled. I can tell you even if you consider the Australian accent harsh there is little that is more comforting when you are away from home than hearing that accent in the background. It’s funny how people who would not normally approach each other in a crowd are happy to strike up a friendship in another country all over and accent.

Anyway don’t just go to Go to your app store and download the 5Fish App.

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