Share Your Faith: Telling Others About Jesus is Dangerous

Share Your Faith is Simple But Dangerous

The comparisons made in this video about how to share your faith is right on target but for one thing.

I think that the most effective way to tell the story of Jesus is to be among people, building relationships. I don’t think the narrator realized just how close he was to the make about the danger in the example.

Being among people is one thing but being among people with a message, particularly an unpopular message as the gospel is today, is a whole different story.

“Sharing the message is easy”, I told one congregation one time. “All you have to do is build a relationship and when the opening comes ask that them to church”.

The premise is correct of course, but I should have warned that same congregation that there can be repercussions. You must go about building this relationship genuinely. It should not specifically for the purpose of sharing the message. And you have to prepare the ground by praying for this person. Then, most of all you have to be open to the possibility of rejection; and that they will not only reject the message but reject you when you do share.

The week after I had preached I had one gentleman come to me after the service, very angry. “Don’t ever ask me to do that again he said I have now ruined my relationship with my neighbour next door, all because I took your advice and invited him to church.

  1. I should have warned him about the risk!


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