Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades

Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades or Not

The question of “Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades” is a vexing one. I was never much for bribing my kids for better grades. But then I have never been convinced that grades were the key to a successful life.

My own experience with work and education was that the more formal education I had the harder I found it to get a job. After I completed collage I ended up in jobs that had little or nothing to do with my qualifications. In fact, I was knocked back from several jobs because I was over qualified.

I did end up for the most part in jobs that I loved. So my approach became that I wanted my children to lean what they loved. Believing that this would be their guide as to the career that they would choose.

Image of an empty class room with desks and blackboard:Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades

To Pay Or Not To Pay

This could have been seen as a bad strategy to begin with because even I was, to some degree disappointed in the grades that all of my children got when they left high school. However they are all now very successful in their careers and I couldn’t be more proud.

But my views are a reflection of the work environment I was in in the day. Perhaps things have changes somewhat and I know that grades are seen as vital in today’s work environment.

If your the parent that is desperately concerned with your child’s grades, particularly if you are bribing the for good ones, then this is the article for you.

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