Sunscreen: Should I Use It If A Tan is Bad For You?

We now know that a Sun Tan is bad but nobody asks if you should use Sunscreen at all?

It’s a fair question and to be perfectly honest I would never have thought of questioning the current wisdom that if you are out in the sun you should cover up or wear the best sun screen you can afford. But on the other hand I have not liked the prospect of getting sun burned since I was a kid. I also hate the greasy feeling that you get even from the lotions that clam to be non greasy, so I just cover up. If it weren’t for the feeling would I use it? Almost certainly! But should I?

To Use Sunscreen or Not?

A recent article on Mother Earth

Sunscreen Should I use it - Image of Green Bieszczady mountains in Poland

Sunscreen Should I use it

News Has done an excellent over view of all the topics that are relevant to this: from  the risks of vitamin D deficiency, how effective is it against cancer, the reliability of the SPF number, even the a discussion of the best form of sun protection and that includes recommendations for sun screen.

It’s a very well written article and well worth a read. It may just change your mind about using an umbrella or sun shelter.

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