Church Fellowship: Sharing Our Brokenness Together

Church Fellowship: Brokenness To Find Grace Finding acceptance and grace in the church Fellowship sounds like a ridiculous thought if you were to view the church in the spotlight of today's media. Yet for some of us that is what being a member of the church is all about. It's all too easy to to write the church off as an outmoded institution. But when, like Alcoholics Anonymous people get together in their brokenness, then and only then can grace abound. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us Read more [...]

Local Church Membership: Is it Biblical? – Scripture On Church Membership

"I don't need to have Local Church membership. I am a Christian I have been baptized into the invisible world wide universal church." This is a common refrain from a significant number, possibly a growing number, of Christians that I come across. Several from within my own congregation. The belief is that if only we would divest ourselves of the the bonds of individual membership then we would have the unity and the love that is so desperately wanting in the visible church. Read more [...]