Share Your Faith: Telling Others About Jesus is Dangerous

Share Your Faith is Simple But Dangerous The comparisons made in this video about how to share your faith is right on target but for one thing. I think that the most effective way to tell the story of Jesus is to be among people, building relationships. I don't think the narrator realized just how close he was to the make about the danger in the example. Being among people is one thing but being among people with a message, particularly an unpopular message as the gospel is today, is a whole Read more [...]

Servant Evangelism: You Don’t Have To Be An Eloquent Evangelist

What Is Servant Evangelism? To be involved in servant evangelism you don't have to be an eloquent evangelist to be able to share the gospel. You don't have to be in a mission organization or even in a particular job. An ordinary person doing your ordinary job is all that is needed; even yoga. You don't even have to share your faith openly and God can and will still use you; just as long as you don't hide it. Read more [...]

Christian Outreach May Just Be About Seeing What is in Front of us

Christian Outreach For Those of us Who Haven't Seen it The challenge was made before that Christian outreach should be about Living the Gospel by Making It Believable. But the real challenge is how do we do that? Well one way is to pay attention to what is going on around us. This of course only sets up another challenge for those of us who have a very short attention span. Let alone are not very observant at the best of times.  But it is realistic and what if we were to pray and ask God Read more [...]

Living The Gospel: How is Your Life Making The Gospel Believable?

Living The Gospel Making It Believable We should all be living the gospel. But because of us, the Gospel suffers an image problem. That's the catch cry of this 1 minute audio file. Here the challenge is set for us to seek out for ourselves how our lives are making the Gospel believable? The speaker make it sound simple but it's not. However I think that it is achievable. Richard Read more [...]

Effective Witnessing For Christ: Curiosity, Empathy, Sharing, Caring

Effective Witnessing For Christ: Not What You Think In my attempt at effective witnessing for Christ, I remember Amsterdam very clearly. With a Youth With A Mission Team I was out on the streets. I was also finding myself overwhelmed as the the drugs sellers were everywhere. Starting a conversation with one of the dealers, I could not help myself and out of shear curiosity I asked him all about his business. He was very happy to give me all the details. Eventually he asked what I was doing Read more [...]