Garage Sales: The Perfect Time for a Treasure Hunt

It's a quick and easy way to spend a day on your own, with family or with friends. Call me nuts but if I needed cheap entertainment for the family, Garage sales adventures were high on the list when our kids were younger. In fact we got away with it well into their teenage years. There was always that: “Oh I've always wanted one of those” moments. Read more [...]

Museum Hopping: New Game For The Kids

When our kids were young one of the cheapest and despite what you may think, often one of the most entertaining family activities we could do was go on a museum hopping trip. Not only does everybody get an education or at the very least broaden your horizons but you get to spend time with the whole family. “that's not a game” you say, for those of you that have noted that in the title. But it is if you have done some research before you go. In that whilst many are still stayed and crusty institutions Read more [...]