Driving in America Tips: 4 Things I Learned Road Tripping North America

Driving in America Tips: Finding People and Places of Beauty While Traveling Over the course of my life I have traveled all around North America, mostly in the U.S.A. but at times in Canada as well. On my travels I have seen and done some pretty amazing things, there are however four main things I have learned while traveling. Here are my driving in America tips. People Are, As A Whole, Exceptionally Friendly The first of which is that people are, as a whole, exceptionally friendly. No matter Read more [...]

Family Road Trip Tips: Putting The Fun Back In The Drive

Putting The Fun Back In With Family Road Trip Tips There is nothing worse than going on a long drive and having the fun taken out of it because of cranky kids. You need some family road trip tips to survive and come out of it with a smile on you face. Pack Well But Don't Eliminate The Space We did a lot of long drives when the kids were little. But after we bought a van we realized one of our mistakes was literally packing the kids in. Suddenly they all had room to move and it changed the Read more [...]

Fun Games For Kids: Games In The Car & When You Get There

Games in the car whilst you are traveling, are not just for the kids! With a bit of creativity fun games for kids can go well beyond the stock standard games that are so old even the kids are board with them. Fun Games can help build relationships and improve bonding. Many can be very sophisticated and be as much for adults as for children. They not only keep children entertained but the driver calm and even add to the romance of the day. Games in the car: Fun Games For Kids That Make Getting Read more [...]

Road Trip: Free Time; Summer; Open Road; No Stress

One great way to spend a few extra days this summer is road trip. If you can avoid the stress that is. It's a fantastic way to broaden your horizons, see the local and far flung sites, as well as neighboring cities and states, all while enjoying in the summer. There is the prospect of amazing conversations and great music. Spend a lot of time outdoors and meeting a lots of interesting people. You'd think that the best way to do such a thing would be just to jump in the car and go. But there Read more [...]