Unique Ways To Say I Love You: A List Of 5

Whether you are trying to spice up a long term relationship or you want to surprise someone new it can become a little difficult trying to think up novel ideas for romance. You need something unique, unexpected and usually something that won’t break the bank. These ideas aren’t hard to come by, but if you are stuck coming up with something new then look no further. Here are 5 unique ways to say I love you. These are examples of romantic treats for your special someone. Each one requires a little Read more [...]

Picnic Ideas: Eating Barbecue Chicken Wings With Manners

I came across this a short, fun video on how to eat barbecue chicken wings with the grace of a lady and all your manners intact. It give some very creative tips. In it you will see all the wrong ways that are by far the most common ways to eat chicken wings. I must confess that I got a giggle out of it. I never realize that is what it looks like. Read more [...]

Teddy Bears Picnic: Entertain The Kids With One

Do you still have your favorite teddy bear from when you were a child? Some people keep their favorite stuff bruin well into adulthood. Now you have children who have their own teddy bears. They might be on the bed or sitting on a shelf. Every time you see your children's stuffed companion, you remember your own. Isn't it time for all the bears in the family to get together? How about a Teddy Bear picnic in the back yard? Read more [...]

Picnic Fun: Photographing Fireworks – National Geographic

When our children were little it was a wonderful adventure to set up in the perfect picnic spot late in the afternoon as we waited for the fireworks to happen for whatever the event was that we were at: new years eve was a good one. When they were very little, more often than not if it was a warm night under the stars, the children would be well an truly asleep before the fireworks would start. Read more [...]

Toddler Picnic Ideas: 6 Things For Infants On A Picnic

I thought it might be fun to record my toddler picnic ideas and give my reasons for them, in the hope they may be useful to somebody new to the experience of picnicking with an infant. Picnicking with my infants was great fun. One of the reasons however was because I was well prepared. I had a list of things that I found were a must when we went on a picnic. I made sure that my list was always left in the picnic basket where I would easily reference and so never be caught out. Nothing spoils a Read more [...]