Strength & Conditioning: Its Importance For Life & Living

Strength & Conditioning Is For Living Longer It is true that exercise is not enough if you want to lose weight. But it is just as true that exercise has some significant benefits and not just to weight loss. Strength & Conditioning is important for living longer. Mark Rippetoe is a famous strength coach who said: "Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general". It turns out that is more than just a nice quote. In a study called: Association Read more [...]

Healthy And Overweight, My Weight loss Story Pt15

Last time I talked about making small changes to my eating in an effort to reduce my weight. But there are people out there that insist that you can be healthy and overweight. That is it is not relevant whether or not you are overweight but only if you are healthy. More specifically whether you are fit. And more often than not these people are way fitter than I. I guess it remains to be seen if what they believe pans out or not. The jury is still out on whether you can be healthy and overweight. But Read more [...]

Reduce Weight: Why Do People Assume It Is Easy

You know what I'm talking about, comments like "you should loose some weight" made in passing or even as a flippant remark, from the fitness nut who just love to flaunt their superiority because they have "done it" completely forgetting, it would seem just how hard it was if they had to reduce weight themselves. Worse still are the medical professions par se comment: "have you thought of losing weight"? And in your head you hear your self screaming "uh ha so why didn't I think of that. Wait... Read more [...]

Reduce Weight & Small Changes: My Weight Loss Story Pt14

Last time I was struggling with the idea of how to reduce weight if my body is going to go into starvation mode every time I try. It will slow down my metabolism and anything else it needs to do to try and keep that weight up. The situation seems to be hopeless. Or is it? A while ago I was listening to "The Health Report" on the Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC) and Dr Norman Swan was the reporter. I like Dr Swan because he make medical speak understandable for people. I liked him even Read more [...]

Body Starvation Mode: My Weight Loss Story Pt13

As I said last time, there is little doubt in my mind that one of the factors that has made my weight loss hard is the sugar and carb cravings that I have had. I gave links to show that this appears to be backed up by research. However I have discovered that not only are carbs and sugar addictive to a degree; something that makes sense since we need them to live but when we diet the body goes into a kind of body starvation mode. That is, experts say that the body interprets a diet as though it Read more [...]

Sugar: My Weight Loss Story Pt11

Last time: My Wife got sick this time its about sugar. I have learned a lot about sugar in my dieting journey. It is Not in itself bad for you. We actually need it to live. But Too much IS a bad thing. So how much sugar is good for you? The World Heath Organization Recommends 12 teaspoons which is a wonderful ideal but in today's society; apparently regardless of whether it is a first world or third world society, added sugar is in everything. And I Mean Everything! It would seem that Read more [...]

Dietitians (My Wife Got Sick): My Weight Loss Story Pt10

Now I want to talk about, my wife and myself visits to dietitians.In 2010 my wife got very ill and almost died. It is quite a rare disease. She is in remission now but has to remain on drugs for the rest of her life. And these drugs are weight gaining. There are few advantages in getting a serious disease but one of them has been that she was given free access to a dietitian and I was allowed to go with her. Dietitians know a lot about losing weight. In fact we have friends that have tried everything they know to lose weight and finally succeed when they went to one. Unfortunate that was not to be the case for my wife and I. Read more [...]

Delivered Meals, Frozen Diet Meals: My Weight Loss Story Pt9

I think that I've tried all the variations of "frozen diet meals" there is available and they all taste great ... for about 3 days. In my mind the reconstituted meat just kills the meal. So I say "good on you" if this is your preferred weight loss method but it's not for me. However there are variation on the supermarket "frozen diet meals" that do mostly work for me: delivered meals. Read more [...]