Atkins Diet Plan: My Weight Loss Story Pt6

Last time I talked about the Weight Loss study I was in when I was in Telstra. Like all companies throughout the world at that time, there were a lot of people being made redundant and the hammer eventually fell on me. I was given a redundancy; the truth be known I had fought it off for a number of years and I was tired of fighting to stay employed in that job. Whilst I was waiting for all the paperwork to be done I took on a summer swimming program as a swim teacher. I discovered that I really Read more [...]

Weight Loss: My Story – Dieting is Hard

I was watching a documentary the other night about dieting and losing weight and I realized that I actually have quite an extensive knowledge about weight loss. At least I know enough to be able to wade through the jungle of what is promoted as scientific, what is old and outdated and what is the current understanding of the best ways to lose weight. There is a lot out there to wade through and it's an absolute minefield. I mean that quite literally because if you listen to the wrong advice it Read more [...]