Picnic Wine: Surprise Your Significant Other With Chardonnay

Chardonnay And Picnic Wine If your goal is to surprise your significant other, perhaps by taking him or her to a romantic location. You often need look no further than the nearest park or patch of forest. These are outstanding places that mix your own tastes with the gifts that nature has to offer us. In wooded areas, you can find yourself gazing at beautiful clearings or even over the edge of cliffs that look onto beautiful lakes or ravines. There really is no limit to what you can find out there. Read more [...]

Bottle Totes & Carriers For Picnics & Other Events – Drinks Carried in Style

You are planning a grand picnic or event and you want to take chilled wine or your favorite drink along. Then you surely you need a something that can keep your bottle safe and the drink cool. Today there is an extensive range of products designed to carry wine bottles safely wherever you are going. Check out some of the bottle totes & carriers options that you have to carry your drinks in style: Read more [...]