Tell The Story Of Jesus By Not Talking, Just Listening

Tell The Story Of Jesus: A Profound Rebuff

I was in Europe a good number of years ago and I went out on the streets with a team to speak to as many people who would listen to me tell the story of Jesus.

I came across a drug dealer who was quite willing to tell me about how his trade worked. It was so fascinating to me that I let the rest of the team go on without me whilst I continued my conversation.

After a good while of listen to him he asked about me and I told him. He responded with surprise. But not for the reasons you might suspect.

Picture of a bearded mans lower face: This article is about Tell the story of Jesus or listening

Talking Or Listening

“You are different from the other Christians”: he said. “How”: asked.

“Because you listen and all the other Christian I have met go into the pubs and booze when they leave here.”

Of course the other team members were going into the pubs to talk to other in there and they didn’t drink but impressions are a big thing.

In this case the biggest impression however, was one of the other Christians not listening.

It was this conversation that change my whole way of speaking to others about Jesus. Instead of telling them I now ask about people and pray for them. Only if it becomes appropriate do I talk to them about their faith.

It’s a point that this video makes very well. If you want people to hear the message about Jesus you have to listen first.

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