Picnic Fun: Things That Can Ruin Your Family Day

Whether it is for a holiday, special family event or just to enjoy time together, picnics can be fun. But there are several things that can ruin your picnic fun.

Just a little bit of planning can avoid all grief and make sure that the potential of the day is not lost.

Here are a number of things that you may not have thought of in you preparations. They are quite simple but preparing for them might just make the difference between a good outing and a bad one

Avoid killing your family picnic fun:

1. Bugs of all types seem to flock to a picnic. From flies to mosquitoes and ants, they can quickly make an enjoyable Picnic fun day turn into a disaster. No one likes to be covered in welts while trying to enjoy their lunch. Be prepared by remembering to take along the bug spray and citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes. Portable fans create a breeze and help to ward off flies. Sprinkle cornstarch in a circle a few feet from where you set up your picnic to keep the ants away.

Image of empty picnic chairs by the pond.Don't Spoil Your Family Picnic Fun

Don’t Spoil Your Family Picnic Fun

2. If it is a bright sunny day, remember the sunscreen. Getting sunburned will make for a miserable evening. This goes for children as well as adults. The high the SPF, the better. Look for one with at least 15 or higher. When choosing a sunscreen, look for one that protects against UV rays as well. Products containing ecamsule, zinc oxide or oxybenzone will help block UV rays.

3. Remember to gather everything you are going to need ahead of time. You will remember the food, but if you don’t have utensils to eat with, what will you do? If you take cans, consider taking the easy-open ones or you will need a can opener. Being unprepared can ruin the day.

4. Make sure to take plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated, especially if the picnic is a day long event. Children as well as adults will need to make sure they take in enough fluids, particularly if it is a warm day. Perspiring and activities can result in a loss of water. Dehydration is serious. It can be fatal.

5. One of the most important things about a family picnic is having fun. This is a day to relax and enjoy a little. Lift the rules a bit and let the kids have foods that you normally do not. It is fine to want to keep your family healthy by serving nutritious meals, but veering away from the norm for one day will not make you a bad parent. Let the kids pick something they want to take on the picnic – even if it is not healthy. If it feels the same as dinner at home, it is not a picnic.

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