Thoughts About Faith: Why We Fear Faith? Why Do We Not Embrace It?

Thoughts About Faith: Having Faith and Fear

One of the thoughts about faith I’ve been having lately is: Could it be that we fear faith because it leads to the truth?

I had a conversation with a lovely lady the other day, who told me with tears in her eyes, how her husband called himself an Atheist but was very happy to consider the alternative. She shared how she had convinced him to attend an Alpha course.

This lady was thrilled that her husband was prepared to do this for her: so why were there the tears? Well unfortunately they were not tears of joy. Her husband had asked the leader a question; that he had been struggling with for years and that the leader did not have an answer for. At least not an answer that was satisfactory to the husband.

When the group leader heard that the answer he had given was not to the husbands satisfaction he said what he had been trained to say. He said, sometimes, when the answer alludes us, we have to have faith. This is a perfectly good answer. As long as  it is not used as a excuse to avoid confronting the truth; and I am in no way suggesting that this leader was. Nor is there any suggestion that the leader had a poor attitude or anything else, in presenting that answer.

So again why the tears? Well it turns out that the husband was so disappointed in the answer that his wife found him outside in tears.

Now I am convinced that there could have been a much better answer to the husband. But whilst it is a little disappointing that the leader did not have the knowledge to answer better; which is not his fault, sometimes the answer is “have Faith”.

Questions With Which We Must Wrestle

I always remember hearing Os Guinness say that, we will always have questions with which we must wrestle and wrestle. But in the end, if we are not able to come to a satisfactory answer, we can look to the resurrection of Jesus Christ as being the solid ground on which we stand.

I think that I can take this one step further and say that, despite the evidence for the resurrection being almost overwhelming; so much so that it should be considered by the world as to be indisputable, we all find it so challenging that it requires faith to be able to accept it.

Ironically this means that, at least in this case, we fear faith because it leads us truth

I applied for a secular job once, where in the job description stated that “A person of faith can achieve great things”. I found it interesting that faith is very highly valued in the world. Unless of course it applies to God.

We should and must wrestle with our “why’s” but sometimes the answer is, “have Faith”.

I think the video below is very good at making this point I hope you get something out of it. That contribute to your thoughts about faith.


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