Tips For Grilling: 6 Hacks To Make Set Up, Cooking & Clean Up Easier

6 Tips For Grilling

I know that I’d love to cook on the Bbq but I don’t enjoy that pack up and set up. I don’t know anybody that does. So here are 6 tips for grilling that will make that part of one of my favorite activities much easier and quicker.

I’m going to try the one with the onion in particular because I am always experimenting with different way to clean that grill grate. I’m not sure that I am thrilled about waiting a perfectly good onion on cleaning but if it works better and longer that the other methods I’ve tried then it is worth a shot.

I’ve never thought of using two skewers before and lemon for the fish is much better than tinfoil if you want that smoky flavor to penetrate.

The only one that I think is a bit of a labor is the water on the gas cylinder and there are much easier ways than that. Still in a pinch it’s a good suggestion.


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