Vintage Picnic Basket: Wonderful Day, Delicious Lunch, Everything’s Ready

It is just the two of you on a grassy spot near the riverbank. You have a delicious picnic lunch packed in an vintage picnic basket lined with a red and white checkered cloth. A blanket is spread under a shady oak. Everything is perfect for a wonderful day.

Nostalgic Picnics With Vintage Picnic Basket

A Vintage picnic baskets is as popular as they are varied. Baskets range in size from just right for two people to a large family. Styles range even more. Some are open topped, some have hinged lids and some are suitcase style. Some are lined while others are unlined.

Shapes also have a wide range. The two most common shapes are oval and rectangular but they can be square or round. Some are almost like tote bags. Many baskets are made of wicker, others are made of rattan while still others are made of willow. Baskets can be the natural color of what they are made of or painted.

With so many options available in vintage picnic baskets, one exists that is just right for nearly everyone. No matter which style you prefer, it will say “it’s picnic time” to you every time you see it.

Most baskets you see now days are replicas

image of a vintage picnic basket on a picnic blanket with a picnic setting

Vintage Picnic Basket

Most of the baskets you see now days are replicas but you can find antique baskets in great condition. With proper care, they can still be used for picnics. Replicas are what most people have and use. They are often outfitted with plates, eating utensils and drink wear. The baskets that don’t come outfitted can have everything needed put in them so all that needs to be added is the food and beverages. If preferred, don’t outfit your basket and simply put in disposables as needed.

Your having a family picnic in the park. You take the large suitcase style vintage picnic basket from the car and put it on the picnic table. Then you fire up the grill next to the picnic table and take the small container filled with ice and hot dogs and hamburgers

out of the basket. Soon, you have everything unpacked and on the table, ready for a great picnic lunch for the whole family. It will be one of those unforgettable days the family spends together just having a great time.

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