Wedding Gift Picnic Basket: Makes A Great Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift Picnic Basket: A Gift That is Unique And Functional

So stating the obvious, weddings are special occasions where family and friends give gifts to the couple. The question I always get stuck on is: what to give? Sometimes it’s relatively easy but at times, it becomes a little difficult to choose a gift that is unique and functional. Then one time I came across a Wedding Gift Picnic Basket.

Now there are a large variety of picnic baskets available that can be given to the couple. Even a standard version makes a memorable gift because it is usually different to what everybody else is giving. But then there are the truly exceptional.

They are available in elegant and striking designs and you can choose one for the happy couple according to your budget. More than that there is a certain type romance associated with picnic baskets that you just don’t get with other gifts.

Image of a Heart Shape Picnic Basket: Wedding Gift Picnic Basket

Heart Shape Picnic Basket

There are even heart shaped ones

You can get them just for two for when the couple plan a romantic picnic or you can help them plan for the future; with a family version. There are even heart shaped ones. When well designed, the couple can organize everything they need to carry for a romantic getaway. They will surely remember you when they use this gift.

The wicker versions are made of sturdy material and keep the items inside safe and insulated. You can buy single compartment or ones with various compartments. This gift can never go unnoticed.

To make the gift extra special and unforgettable, fill it with food or small gifts,  nice packaging and good luck message. Including Champagne or wine is very popular as it makes a perfect combination on such occasions. You can also include chocolates and other assortments.

Of course there are other gift alternative that you could put in the basket if you prefer. Spa items like lotions, slippers, creams etc. Candles form a great gift because they are symbols of purity, love and faith. You can even include music CDs and photo frames in these wicker baskets for creating a love filled atmosphere.

A Wedding Gift Picnic Basket is truly unique and functional and one that is hard beat as  your next wedding gift.

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