Weight Loss: My Story Pt2 – Where I Come From

Last Time: Dieting is Hard.Today I will give a bit of my weight loss battle history.

Like a lot of people I never had a problem with my weight when I was a child. I was one of those annoying people who could eat anything and not gain weight. At least that is what I  thought . Now I realize that it was not that I couldn’t put on weight it was that I was such a fussy eater that I didn’t actually eat that much anyway.

As I got older I had a few other misconceptions cleared up:

Weight Loss: No Problems As A Child

Weight Loss Salad image

Weight Loss Salad: Would You Eat The Same Lunch Everyday

  • I was not a fussy eater just because
    I now know that I have had a Hiatal Hernia all my life and it has affected what I eat even today. Certain foods set of severe indigestion and as a child I was unconsciously protecting myself from that.
  • My parents both had weight problems
    My father was very lean and you would never have thought it but he had also had an incredible will power and because of his problems he just gave up sweets altogether. I never knew him to have any kind of desert after a meal. My mother was never lean and even as a child struggled.

For school lunch, every single day I would have the same meal; a lettuces and tomato sandwich. And that along with my other staple but restricted meals meant that I never put on weight. Of course it helped that I was young and into lost of sport but eventually my genetics was going to catch up with me.

Weight Loss: Losing battle by mid 20’s

It was in my twenties that I realized that I had to manage my weight, as I started in desk jockey jobs and started to lead a more sedentary life. This was just in time for me to be beginning to discover that there were many more foods that I was able and happy to eat.

At that stage it was never a big concern. After all I was young and it didn’t take much effort to lose the kilos (pounds) again. But I was sad to learn that my love of sweets was not helping.

I was when I hit my 40’s that the problems really started to hit.

I was married by then with a wife and family was kind of forced to give up my more active jobs for ones that paid more money. The ones which matched my skills and training were sedentary. It wasn’t long before I was heavier than I should have been and the real struggle had begun.

Next time “The diets begins

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