Weight Loss: My Story Pt3 – The Journey Begins

Last time I talked about my total lack of a weight problem when I was growing up.

By the time I started full time work my life had become a bit more sedentary and I had begun to notice that I was putting on some weight. Not much but some. Weight loss was not yet on my mine so much as being aware that I was heavier than I used to be.

My first job was as a laboratory assistant but I left that as soon as I could after a few months as it was my ambition to do welfare work of some kind and they wanted a greater commitment from me than I wanted to give.

At the lab I was one of the main testers of malt extract and vinegar. It always used to amuse me to go and pick up a can of the product in the supermarket and read the back. It said very boldly, “tested to the highest possible standard” and I knew that I was responsible for most of that testing.

Lets just say I learn a lot about malt, vinegar and advertising license.

But I did learn a lot about sugar.

My next job was with the sheriffs office as a clerical assistant. I had done some legal studies in school and I found work there to be very interesting indeed.

This was a Major learning event. Not only did it learn all about Jury duty and the associated laws but a lot about how courts operate.

For example: I learned that no matter what the media say the truth is always much more complex.

I sat in on a court case once that turned out to be a murder trial for a Judo instructor I knew. Of course I went in convinced that the person on trial was guilty only to discover that I knew a lot less about the situation and indeed the instructor himself than I thought I did.

On another case I sat in on was a bullying case were two young boys under 12 years old had killed another younger boy through bullying. It was horrible! The boys showed no remorse and the Judge and both lawyers sat there at sentencing consulting (and I mean consulting) with each other. Looking to each other for suggestions because nobody knew what to do with them.

I also learned all about workplace bullying first hand. As senior clerical officers teased and tormented junior offices. It nearly beat me until some good friends of mine taught me how to have confidence in myself.

The things that I learned that is most relevant to this post is that if you sit still you will put on weight. More than that I learn to look at the evidence not the perception and that will very important as I get deeper into the subject of weight loss.

Weight Loss & Offices

As can be seen the kind of work that I was getting into was clerical and therefore resulted in a lot of sitting. I still did Judo and had a very active life so weight loss was still not something on my radar. I was aware however that I could not continue to just eat anything I wanted.

Picture of packing boxes. There is no such thing as the weight loss office

Weight Loss & the offices do not always go together.

By the time I entered into service with the Sheriffs office I knew that I was heading to Bible college and that is what I did. This was a wonderful experience for me but all that studying did generate more weight issues. Not a enough to be concerned about but enough to mean that I had to watch what I ate.

Watching what I ate was still not that big a deal as my still undiscovered Hiatal Hernia managed to let me know if I ate the wrong things with massive indigestion. However by then I had realized that provided I didn’t indulge too much that the fattier something was the less likely I was to be affected.

You must be beginning to see the pattern emerging even if I couldn’t.

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