Weight Loss: My Story Pt4 – Exercise is Not Enough

Last time: I talked about how I started to put on weight working in an office but I was not too concerned. However I didn’t only learn that office life and weight loss were not compatible. I had started to learn the skills that I would need later, to analyze what I needed to do to lose weight.

In college with all that sitting around studying you would have thought that I would be whacking on the weight. But I actually did rather well.

Life Battle with Weight Loss

Not through anything that I did but I’m pretty sure that it was because outside of study, I was actually relatively busy; despite not doing Judo during this time. I was also reasonably young still; I was one of the youngest students in that college that they had ever had to that point. But the food in college was quite international; as they were preparing people for overseas missionary work ans the old, still revealed Hiatal Hernia was doing it’s job; making it so I could not eat most of it. “A good thing I was no planing of overseas missionary work”, I would joke when people tried to make me feel guilty for not getting used to the foods.

After I graduated I went back into office work and the weight slowly started coming back.

Weight Loss: Image of Man Juggling Food

Weight Loss: Juggling food and Life

I think that one of the main reasons for its slow return was that I still always had the same lunch every day; a salad sandwich. This was also the time I started to experiment with what I could and could not have in that salad. Even though I still did not know about the Hernia, I did know that there was something new in that sandwich that was setting me off. It turned out to be cucumber; it really hates me.

After 18 months in that Job and an abortive attempt to get married. My room mate from college and I went over seas for 6 month.

I can tell you if you are walking hard all over the world you will lose weight. Yes I lost heaps. I was down to about 60 kilos by the time I got back home. I reflected on this after I started to put in the weight again and I can tell you that hard traveling is not an idea weight loss strategy. I’m sure you weren’t thinking of it as a strategy but in case you were, I was not that exactly the picture of health by the time I got back.

I actually cut our trip short as it turns out that I’m am not very good a dealing with some of the poverty that I came across whilst I was away.

Anyway to cut my life story short the next few years I was involved in nursing my terminally ill mother, abortive attempts at being a pastor of a church, running youth groups, falling in love, another trip overseas, getting married and running before and after school children’s care programs and having kids.

Up until the last part I was keeping the weight off mostly by exercise and the rest was just because I had a very active life. Particularly whilst I was nursing my mother as I had to lift her around a lot and so was into the barbells etc.

Loosing the Weigh Loss Battle

When my mother became more than I could cope with, she went in to a nursing home. By this time I was in marriage bliss and had a baby boy. And I was losing the weight loss battle. Even though I was running around after children all day at the care centre I was slowly piling on the weight.

Next: being a guinea pig.

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