Weight Watchers: My Weight Loss Story Pt7

Last time I talked about my experience with Atkins. This time I want to get away from me a bit and talk about my Mum and Weight Watchers.

As I said at the very beginning of this series both my parents almost certainly had weight problems but I never knew my father as struggling with weight. I now know that he had a phenomenal will power when it came to those sort of things. This was a man that when he decided that smoking was not good for him just though the cigarettes in the bin and never smoked again (this is the account given to me by my mum who always struggled with the fact that it seem to be so easy for him). So when it came to deserts he just gave up on them except for special occasions; I certainly did not inherit his will power.

My Mums weight loss with weight watchers

Mum on the other hand always had to fight with her weight. Like many women of her day Weight Watchers was the weight loss program of choice. She would talk to friends and family about her experience and was very excited about the fact that she actually achieved her goal weight at one point.

She point most of her weight back on but I have no doubt that she simply would have persisted with Weight Watchers if she had not gotten sick.

I learned a lot form my Mums Weight Watchers experience:

Image of Apple pie and cream; my mum did weight watchers for weight loss program loss

My Mum did weight watchers to for her weight loss program

  • Some of the food is never going to be something that I can eat.                                Mum tried to convince me to eat these meals but she had no chance
  • For many people eating is their default when they are upset.
  • There is nothing better for some people than to have other people giving them emotional support and helping to keep them accountable.
  • There is no doubt that Weight Watchers works if you persist to the point were the eating changers you make become lifestyle changes.

And there in lies the rub, because if you are a person who is happy to share you self with others or if you are an emotional eater; that is you eat when you get upset or depressed, something like Weight Watchers is going to be the way to go.

But for someone like me group support like this is never going to be helpful. I am never going to be that sort of person that is going to be able to share my struggles face to face with others weekly. Even my wife knows that the moment anyone except a very few get personal I will run a mile. Besides, as I have already said I found some of the recipes to be well beyond my pallet.

I think that if you persist with Weight Watchers and are prepared to make the lifestyle changes it is a wonderful method of weight loss. But persistence and being able to eat food that you enjoy is also something that is important to me. So I won’t be joining.

Next Time: I’ll talk about another diet company: Jenny Craig

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