Weight Loss: My Story – Dieting is Hard

I was watching a documentary the other night about dieting and losing weight and I realized that I actually have quite an extensive knowledge about weight loss. At least I know enough to be able to wade through the jungle of what is promoted as scientific, what is old and outdated and what is the current understanding of the best ways to lose weight.

There is a lot out there to wade through and it’s an absolute minefield. I mean that quite literally because if you listen to the wrong advice it can literally kill you or at the very least do you serious damage.

The Weight Loss Minefield

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Weight Loss – Too Hard

There is the low fat, low sugar, low carb, high carb, high protein and low Gi diets and then there is all the brand name diets such as Paleo and Atkins diets and the list goes on and on. But how do you possibly know how to sort through them. What’s more how do you sort out what’s safe?

We all know that to be healthy we should be in a weight range that matches our height but to many of us that just seems like a pipe dream.

Everybody also tells us that if we are going to lose weight and maintain it whatever we do has to be a lifestyle change. I know this to be true because I work at fitness centre not as a trainer but as a life guard and duty manager and I have seen many a customer lose masses of Kilograms only to put it back on because they can’t maintain the exercise regime.

If it is going to be a lifestyle change it has to be one that a person can live with. Whilst some may have a calling to eat nothing other than that which tastes like cardboard most of us want to live life to the full. That means living with flavor because living without flavorful is not living life to the full.

As I mentioned I work at a fitness center and I know there are many benefits of exercise. However whilst making it to the gym on a regular basis is great it has to be done wisely. Not to mention that for some the gym is totally impractical and for a small number may even have some risk involved.

Then as if to add fuel to the fire we now know that one diet does not fit all. Despite the bad press the Atkins diet or at the very least a modified version of it may be perfect for you. But for others it could be the worst thing in the world. I found this out the hard way and I will tell you about that too.

So all in all this diet thing is not easy and many have given up because it is just too hard.

A Good Safe Weight Loss Plan Must Be Possible

Still I think that it can be done but it has to be done an done safely. I am not a doctor or medical professional in any way shape or form so you cannot take anything that I say as medical or health advice. But I can tell you my weight loss story, the journey that I have taken and the things that I’ve learned on the way.

I hope that it will be of help to others but please, before you try anything I have consult your medical practitioner first.


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