Bottle Totes & Carriers For Picnics & Other Events – Drinks Carried in Style

So you are planning a grand picnic or event and you want to take chilled wine or your favorite drink along. You know that you need something that will keep your bottle safe and the drink cool. There is an extensive range of products designed to carry drink and wine bottles safely, wherever you are going. Check out some of the bottle totes & carriers options that you have to carry your drinks in style:

Understanding Bottle Totes & Carriers

Totes: By far the most widely available, most but not all have a soft outer. The outer is usually very well padded and that is what keeps you drink of choice safe. The padding acts as insulation and that is what keeps things at the optimum temperature. These are excellent for concerts, parties and picnics.

Image of a soft Bottle Totes & Carriers

Bottle Totes & Carriers

Wine Cases: There are also a large variety of these available in the market. The solid case is what keeps your wine safe.  Most are insulated to keep the wine at optimum temperature.

Box Set: As the name implies these are usually part of a larger dining set like picnic baskets and tote bags. Many wine set boxes comprise of all the tools that an ideal bar room should have; waiter-style corkscrew, drip ring, foil cutter, wine pourer/bottle stopper, and thermometer.

Wine Duffel: designed as a duffle bag only exclusively for carrying your wine or favorite drink for your night out or picnic. These wine duffel are very popular. Insulated duffles help to keep the bottles safe and maintain a consistent temperature inside the duffle.

Whatever you choose using bottle totes & carriers is by far and away the safest and most convenient, temperature controlled way to take you wine of favorite drink with you when you go out or on your grand picnic.

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