How To Fix Your Slice In Your Golf Game. Drive the Ball Further

How To Fix Your Slice We all know that golf is a great exercise. Here is some advice for all those that are having trouble getting your ball to go where you are aiming. It is a great little video that will teach you how to fix your slice in your golf game. By fixing you slice you will be able to drive the your ball further and improve your golf swing overall; as well as you game. For any body who doesn't know what a slice is, it is where you create a spin on the ball in such a way as to cause Read more [...]

How To Get Picky Kids To Eat Healthy Or Just Trying Out New Food

How To Get Picky Kids To Eat Healthy Simply I was a fussy eater. In fact my mother had an entire family recipe book littered throughout with comment of "Richard Likes" or did not as the case may be. When I became a parent myself however, I found that the how to get picky kids to eat healthy was reasonably simple. I vowed that my children would not be made to eat anything and I was true to that vow. The way it worked was that when the children got old enough to understand they were told that Read more [...]

Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades

Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades or Not The question of "Should Students Be Paid For Getting Good Grades" is a vexing one. I was never much for bribing my kids for better grades. But then I have never been convinced that grades were the key to a successful life. My own experience with work and education was that the more formal education I had the harder I found it to get a job. After I completed collage I ended up in jobs that had little or nothing to do with my qualifications. Read more [...]

Tell The Story Of Jesus By Not Talking, Just Listening

Tell The Story Of Jesus: A Profound Rebuff I was in Europe a good number of years ago and I went out on the streets with a team to speak to as many people who would listen to me tell the story of Jesus. I came across a drug dealer who was quite willing to tell me about how his trade worked. It was so fascinating to me that I let the rest of the team go on without me whilst I continued my conversation. After a good while of listen to him he asked about me and I told him. He responded with surprise. Read more [...]

Picnic Set: In Praise of A Better Choice Than Traditional Baskets

In Praise of The Picnic Set A picnic set is a far better choice than a traditional basket. They are stylish, colorful and add to the ambience of your outdoor experience. These sets often include a tablecloth and enough dishes and utensils to serve two to four people. Some will even include salt and pepper shakers along with other essential accessories. Most people love a picnic set because they secure everything in a single container. Plates, napkins and utensils are held in their appropriate Read more [...]

Promoting Independence In Children Using a Hands Off Approach

Is Promoting Independence In Children A Hands Off or Hands On Approach I think I was a hands on parent as my children were growing up and I think I prefer that method of promoting independence in children . But to be fair for a large part of their growing,  I was not home for most of the day. It was my wife that was the stay at home parent. Still I think she was pretty hands on too. The idea of being a hands off parent would not have been something we would have considered. But I can see Read more [...]

Church Fellowship: Sharing Our Brokenness Together

Church Fellowship: Brokenness To Find Grace Finding acceptance and grace in the church Fellowship sounds like a ridiculous thought if you were to view the church in the spotlight of today's media. Yet for some of us that is what being a member of the church is all about. It's all too easy to to write the church off as an outmoded institution. But when, like Alcoholics Anonymous people get together in their brokenness, then and only then can grace abound. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us Read more [...]

Driving in America Tips: 4 Things I Learned Road Tripping North America

Driving in America Tips: Finding People and Places of Beauty While Traveling Over the course of my life I have traveled all around North America, mostly in the U.S.A. but at times in Canada as well. On my travels I have seen and done some pretty amazing things, there are however four main things I have learned while traveling. Here are my driving in America tips. People Are, As A Whole, Exceptionally Friendly The first of which is that people are, as a whole, exceptionally friendly. No matter Read more [...]

I Really Am Sorry: How To Teach Kids To Say It And Mean It

How Do You Teach Kids To Say "I Really Am Sorry" The problem with any method of teaching kids to say "I Really Am Sorry" the right way is that is requires you to give full attention to the children involved. The up side is that once you have established the pattern you only have to set the process in motion. The time commitment is not as stringent. Having said that, when I was learning how to deal with children I used to get really annoyed with authors that set up processes for children saying Read more [...]