Bottle Totes & Carriers For Picnics & Other Events – Drinks Carried in Style

You are planning a grand picnic or event and you want to take chilled wine or your favorite drink along. Then you surely you need a something that can keep your bottle safe and the drink cool. Today there is an extensive range of products designed to carry wine bottles safely wherever you are going. Check out some of the bottle totes & carriers options that you have to carry your drinks in style: Read more [...]

Fun Games For Kids: Games In The Car & When You Get There

Games in the car whilst you are traveling, are not just for the kids! With a bit of creativity fun games for kids can go well beyond the stock standard games that are so old even the kids are board with them. Fun Games can help build relationships and improve bonding. Many can be very sophisticated and be as much for adults as for children. They not only keep children entertained but the driver calm and even add to the romance of the day. Games in the car: Fun Games For Kids That Make Getting Read more [...]

Picnic Location: 4 Of The Most Ideal Ones In The USA

It’s the weekend! Why not consider having a picnic instead of going to the mall? Having a picnic is a great way to get involved in some physical activities with family and friends, such as biking, kite flying or playing with the dogs. It’s also a perfect way to relax and just leave the modern stresses behind for a while. You can do these and more if you know where to go. Choosing the best location for a picnic can be strenuous, especially with all the beautiful picnic spots available in the country. Below are some of the most frequented picnic locations that you might just want to consider: Read more [...]

Grain Products: My Weight Loss Story Pt17

Last time I spoke about Eating Fruits and Vegetables. This time I want to talk about grain products. In the interest of full disclosure, I promote the Paleo diet. It's a good diet that I think gets a lot of bad press. But there is one thing that I do disagree on. Many promoters argue that grains are bad for you. The main thrust of this argument is that it wasn't until man became a farmer that he ate a lot of grains. Prior to that, mankind chiefly ate meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, no dairy Read more [...]

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Is Christian Selfishness

It is very popular today, to promote the idea that you should go to God in prayer in order to be discovering your spiritual gifts. Historically it stems from the non Charismatic/Pentecostal churches trying to come to terms with the idea of spiritual gifts. The problem goes something like this: there is this theology about speaking in tongues, prophesy and healing. It is gaining power from it's popularity rather than it's soundness. There was a desperate need to understand it and even get on Read more [...]

Eating Fruits and Vegetables To Lose Weight: My Story Pt16

Last Time I spoke about being Healthy And Overweight. Now I want to talk about eating fruits and vegetables to lose weight. Regardless of the diet, Low fat or Low carbs (High fat), fruit and vegetable are an integral part. Obviously being on the high carb diet meant that a significant part of what I ate was vegetables but Atkins also had lots of vegetables. In fact aside from the large amount of meat that I ate most fruit and vegetables were free to eat. It was potatoes and grains that were Read more [...]

Picnic Spot: Carkeek Park – One of The Best Spots in Seattle

With a breathtaking backdrop like the Olympic Mountains and the beautiful tranquility of the Puget Sound, you can’t go wrong with Carkeek Park as your next picnic location in Washington State. Open daily and easily accessible from the I-5, Carkeek Park is the perfect getaway for a family day trip and alfresco dining. Read more [...]

Healthy And Overweight, My Weight loss Story Pt15

Last time I talked about making small changes to my eating in an effort to reduce my weight. But there are people out there that insist that you can be healthy and overweight. That is it is not relevant whether or not you are overweight but only if you are healthy. More specifically whether you are fit. And more often than not these people are way fitter than I. I guess it remains to be seen if what they believe pans out or not. The jury is still out on whether you can be healthy and overweight. But Read more [...]